We provide end to end security certification solutions. Right from initial Gap Analysis and Strategy Workshop to post certification support. Being an accredited FIPS and Common Criteria laboratory we can provide not only consulting but also lab evaluation services. We truly are your one stop shop.


Gap Analysis & Strategy Workshop: This workshop forms the basis of a successful certification effort. A gap analysis done well will ensure that required product enhancements are identified early in the process (bake-in vs. bolt-on), product team members are familiarized with certification requirements and process and most importantly a plan is identified to take the product successfully through certification. Acumen has drawn on more than two decades combined experience to craft a workshop, which is impactful to your engineering team but at the same time is not daunting. We have designed this workshop such that our customers walk away with a firm grasp of what needs to be done, after the workshop you will be able to:

  • Understand in detail all of the gaps and appropriate steps for remediation
  • Understand various recommendations on the path of least resistance to close these gaps
  • Identify and understand the certification requirements
  • Implement a well defined strategy to move forward on certification and if required various time and cost options
  • Ensure that what is going to be certified is in line with your sales needs
  • Estimate internal costs (development, testing, Project Management, marketing etc.) and external costs
  • Detail expected timeline and schedule
  • Understand paths to certification maintenance


Acumen has accumulated over 50+ years of combined certification experience during which time we have worked with several vendors, certification bodies and laboratories. Acumen brings decades worth of experience in helping its customers in achieving their certification goals. Certification efforts are a means to an end. We recognize the ultimate goal is to complete the certification effort in a time efficient and cost effective manner while reducing time to market so that the you can begin selling to government agencies worldwide as soon as possible. Acumen’s general consulting services will help you achieve these goals. Our general consulting offering is an all-encompassing set of services that include strategy development, overlaying certification needs with product roadmaps, interfacing with global laboratories and certification bodies etc.


Good documentation forms the foundation of a successful certification effort. Well-written documentation ensures that the laboratory has all the information needed to execute an efficient certification effort and more importantly reduces rounds of review reducing costs and decreasing time to market. Acumen has drawn on experience to work with your product teams to create high quality documentation, meeting requirements of the appropriate certification standards and delivered on time and budget.


Acumen is accredited to perform both FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria evaluations. This is the foundation upon which all our other service offerings are built and truly what sets us apart. With a 100% track record. we look at a successful certification as a given. Instead, the metrics we use to measure success are efficiency and customer satisfaction. Having worked on the “other side of the fence” (as product vendor) we understand your worldview. With this ethos we have ensured our evaluation services are tailored to your needs as opposed to the other way around.


We believe product certifications are a partnership. Our journey with you doesn’t end with just issuance of the certificate or delivery of documentation. We are here to help you position and mazimize the investment you have made in pursuing certifications. Be it help with CSfC listing or identifying a go to market strategy. We can help!