Certifications do NOT have to be complicated!

At Acumen, we certify products, that is what we do. We adapt to your process so that you do not have to adapt to ours. We believe in getting things done.

We have developed processes that help simplify tasks that otherwise can be daunting. Right from initial contact, to requirements presentation, program management, government interaction, and post certification support, our processes have been honed with you, our customer, in mind. For example, we will never ask you to do anything that is beyond what is absolutely required to achieve certifications. We understand your engineers would rather go develop a new feature than implement arcane requirements. Our goal is to minimize the time your engineers have to spend on certifications so that you can maximize your product development.



We start with understanding the reasons you are here, what it is that you are trying to accomplish, and what market segment you are trying to target. Then we work with you to come up with the best way forward. As part of this, we will also do a thorough deep dive into your product and identify the development required to make the product compliant. Our aim is to get as much information as possible upfront so that there are no surprises later on.

Red pencil and questionnaire


Once you have decided to certify your products, we are all systems go. We can work with whatever schedule works best with you. However, in our experience, evaluating as your product is being developed (or release being readied) is the most agile way to align certifications with latest and greatest releases. We aim to get most of the evaluation completed before first customer ship. By doing so any changes required are rolled into your development process. Post release, we finish off the required reports and send them off to the government reviewers. Our aim is to minimize comments so that final certification is achieved as soon as possible and with the least impact possible to you the product developer.



We’re with you 100% of the way. Certification is just one piece of the puzzle to sell into the government and other regulated verticals. Post certification, we help you address any queries from your sales teams, partners, and customers. We also help provide input into marketing collateral to make the most of your certification investment. Finally, as your products are updated, we help you come up with a sensible certification refresh plan.