What we do.

We are your one stop shop to certify your products and get them into the hands of your government customers ASAP. We will take your product, tear it apart, identify what needs to be fixed, help you put it back together and then take it through the certification so that you can put a tick mark against that ever so important “Is the product certified” checkbox. Never be disqualified from a RFQ because you cannot put a tickmark against this tiny box!



This is what we do, our bread and butter and we’re damn good at it! We are experts in FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria certifications, capable of successfully, efficiently, and effectively taking your products through each of the certification hoops at the lowest cost possible.


Gap Analysis

Although we would like to have a long term relationship, we understand it is a big commitment. To help you into the world of certification and explain what it will entail, we provide a gap analysis service identifying any non-conformances that need to be addressed to meet certification requirements.

Strategy Plans


Sometimes you might be just looking for advice on certification. Given our background running the certification team for a Fortune 100 company we know a thing or two (or three) about how to certify products. Using this expertise we welcome the opportunity to help you achieve certification with the lab of your choice.