This is what we believe in.

It is not complicated.

Certifications can be daunting but they are not complicated. With the right team, right focus and right partnership, certifications can be achieved. Break up with anyone who says otherwise.

You come first.

We are in this business because you are willing to work with us. We will always make sure you come, first, second AND third.

But we will disagree, at times.

We would not be doing a good job if we were “yes men”. There will be times when we will disagree. It is because we care. We will provide our best opinion but ultimately it will ALWAYS be your decision.


You trust us with your crown jewels. We will guard them as if they were ours.

Do what is right.

Just like in life, in business it is important to have a strong moral compass and ensure it is always pointing north. We will ALWAYS do what is right. If we need to hide anything, it means we should not be doing it.

We are only as successful as you are.

We want a long term relationship with you. That means we need to ensure you are successful so that we can help with your next certification effort and the next and the next…

Have fun.

In the end, all of this is naught if we are not having fun. We will work hard and play just as hard.

This is what we believe in.